Book Review: Beyond Championships Teen Edition: A Playbook for Winning at Life

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I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I love to find books that challenge my children, especially in a world where so little is challenged. I received this book, and asked my 12 year old son to read it and review it. He likes to read, but I figured he would lose interest in this quickly, however, he couldn’t put it down.

He raved about the lesson Coach Dru taught in this book, and how much he learned. This book inspired many conversations about hard work, determination, and even servitude. He loved reading the 9 principals that inspired some of the greats, like Lebron James, to be as successful as they are.

His big comment was how much this book helped to know how to tell you are making the right decisions, he shared that he thought teens face a lot of difficult decision and it was nice to feel like someone understood that.

I recommend this book for any teenager coming into their own!


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