Book Review: For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker

I was so excited to see that Jen Hatmaker had a new book coming out. I love her. I mean seriously love her. I want to wrap myself up and be a part of her family. But, I as kind of disappointed in this book. I didn’t think it really captured what the title said it was about. It didn’t really touch a lot on the idea of grace – which I thought it would.
Once I got past the idea of what I thought the book was going to be about, I enjoyed the book… but, more as a funny, “chicken soup for the soul” type book rather than a book study/self-help book. I found few references to scripture, which disappointed me, but the ones I found, I liked and found relevant… so there’s that.
Overall, this is a good book to read if you want something light-hearted and funny. Something like Jen Hatmaker. I really felt this book did a great job of capturing Jen’s true personality, which is just simply endearing.

*I was given this book to review, in exchange for my honest opinion, from BookLookBloggers


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