Book Review – How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots

How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots by Ron Bates is a quick read. My 11 year old read the book and wasn’t very impressed with it. He said the main character was kind of a jerk, and seemed to be self-centered. He said he got about halfway through the book and wouldn’t finish it because he hated the main character so much.

He did enjoy the writing style, just hated the character. He did acknowledge that this was a realistic character, and said he saw many kids at school like this boy. He said he saw this character as someone who complained about being bullied while bullying others.

As a mom, I am glad my son recognized the issues with this character, but I was disappointed in this type of representation. It seems to further perpetuate the type of behavior that kids have now that I hate.

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Book Review – Move On: When Mercy Meets Your Mess

This book brought me to my knees. So many times “religion” comes with guilt. This book is so amazing and the author, Vicki Courtney, does a fantastic job of showing the reader how to break those chains. From the stunning cover, to the insightful context, this book is a win all the way around!!

I love the running theme that when you are in Christ, you are free. The idea of mercy and grace is so clearly outlined by the author that it touches the heart of the readers in a very real way. The author calls into light so many things that Christians tend to gloss over.

I recommend this book for anyone looking to redefine your relationship with Christ. Take your time reading this, and be prepared to take a long look at yourself as you progress through this daily.

Vicki has quickly moved to the top of my list for favorite authors.

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Honestly, when I got this book I was just filling a space on my review list. I wasn’t expecting much. 

However, after reading the book, I was very pleased. This was a fantastic book. It outlined very well what the Bible says in terms of what we should and should not be eating. I am so excited to delve further into this and see how this plan can fit into my life. 

My only complaint is the Title. I don’t love the title. It sounds cheesy. 


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Book Review – Nashville Sweetheart

In Rachel Hauck’s novel Nashville Sweetheart, Aubrey James is country music’s superstar, well loved for over 10 years. Aubrey’s parents were gospel singing stars, and Aubrey grew up singing gospel praise songs. When Aubrey’s family is suddenly taken from her, she turns her back on God and clings to her quickly rising fame. Aubrey tries her hardest to keep her life private, however someone close to her betrays her trust and sells insider information in an effort to bring Aubrey down, and Aubrey is forced to go to the media to tell her own story and face her past.

This is a wonderfully written novel! Rachel has an amazing voice, and a great way of making the readers fall in love with the characters. I love the way that Rachel tells a story of hurt and pain, and keeps a line of faith running through it. I would recommend this book to my friends in a heartbeat.


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I left my heart in HB

I bit my cheek in an effort to keep the tears at bay. When everyone was gone, I stood in the shower, tears flowing – knowing tomorrow’s fate was going to be worse. Sleep eluded me.

When morning came, I sat watching them fade into the distance as we pulled away. Goodbyes suck. I have the heart of a gypsy, so for the life of me I can’t figure out why goodbyes are so difficult for me. I just know that it hurts more to leave this place than any other place I have ever left.

California, the people and the place, have my heart. I feel at home when we are here. Windows down, sand in my toes… yes, even the traffic.

I sit in awe of how one minute you can be surrounded by traffic, and the next you are sitting with the peace of the crashing waves.

I am amazed at the pure genuine nature of the people we have met. A group of people who love us just for us. We haven’t fit into a mold they have created. We don’t discuss religion or politics, a conversation that seems to dominate the culture in our home state, and because of this we feel the true love of these people. It’s not a love based on conforming to a common belief. We love the opportunity and diversity that surround us in California.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a dream of living in a high rise apartment in the heart of a city. Justin doesn’t share this dream. So alas, we have reached an impasse, and I reluctantly loaded myself in the car.

Last night I had a momentary breakdown and told Justin I wasn’t leaving… and trust me, could I have worked it out, I would have stayed. But, for now, we are headed out on our journey home. I am looking forward to our activities on this leg of the journey, but I am still counting the days until I can go back to HB.